New Google Services Uncovered

Tony Ruscoe, a UK developer, had a "quick go" at Google's servers, and got a wealth of information out of that small expedition. Ruscoe discovered the names of fourteen services that, as he put it, "aren't currently available to your 'real' Google account."
There are screenshots of the list (in multiple languages) on Ruscoe's blog. The pictures serve as evidence of the services' existence (in some form), although they don't offer much besides those names. Ruscoe accessed the pages by setting up "some kind of test account" in "the 'sandbox' subdomain."
Ruscoe was able to add Google Events, Google Guess, Google Online Assessment, Google Real Estate Search, Google RS2, Google Writely, Local, Mobile, Mobile Marketplace, New Service (AKA Workplace), New Service, Talk, Weaver, and WiFi to his test account. As he noted, some of these have already been hinted at or discussed.
Others haven't been leaked until now, though, and Ruscoe considered what the names might imply. Of the New Service (AKA Workplace), Ruscoe wrote, "Maybe this is the big one people have been waiting for; the one that will really kill Microsoft Office. At least, if it's at all related to IBM Workplace it could be . . . . All I know is that it's got something to do with - so that's why it could be the killer . . ."
With the Mobile Marketplace, Ruscoe speculated, quoting John Battelle, "Maybe Google will finally plug mobile 'into the web in a way that makes sense for the average user' and maybe they'll also be the ones to create 'a major mobile innovation - the kind that makes us all say - Jeez that was obvious.' But we'll see."
More speculation takes place among the comments on Ruscoe's blog. The names of those Google services hint at some very interesting possibilities.

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