Funny google search or Bush "failure" !!!

If you do a Google search on the word "failure" or the phrase "miserable failure", the top result is currently the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush.
Google explain this result by the practice called googlebombing.
It's just funny and completely justifiable: there is a real link between Bush and failure

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1:47 PM

Google should fix this.


1:48 PM

Fix it


7:32 PM

It's just an amusing prank. If political or conservative ranks get annoyed with the Bush google bomb, than their acting really childish. They focus more on the actual political and day to day happenings an d less on popularity jokes. Next you'll be hearing the complaints against the political cartoonists.


3:50 PM

Google should remove the "failure" search resulting in President Bush. Why should the prankster's win?


7:52 PM

I think it is factually obvious that Bush has already made his mark as our very worst president ever.


8:11 PM

It just shows how foolish and childish some people are who think they are intelligent or witty. If they were really thinking, they should have linked Clinton to "liar" and "presidential corruption."


9:09 PM

smart very smart, gotta love whoever thought this up


10:46 AM

I do not think this is in any way funny. Regardless of your politics everyone should respect the office of the President. AND DO NOT JUDGE a person until you have been in their shoes. These bloggers will NEVER become a true leader.


10:47 AM

I don't know if you can read, but if you can, read our country's economic story. There are many facets of our nation that are doing VERY WELL just now. Give him a break. Iraq is a big concern for sure, but do not condemn the whole operation!!


12:12 PM

i think this is very funny and so very true. Keep up the good work