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Google Office go on: JotSpot Googled !

Google go on developping their new "Google Office": JotSpot is part of Google today .

JotSpot was founded in 2004 to provide an application wiki which is "a private website designed for collaboration. Unlike a traditional website where pages can only be read, in a wiki everyone can edit, update and append pages with new information, all without knowing HTML."

The startup is based on creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, photos, and other files, that's why JotSpot is interesting for Google on their way to develop a new software offer online.
New account registrations is closed while JotSpot is now moving to Google's software architecture.

Build your own Search Engine

NEW Google Custom Search Engine
Eureka! Your own search engine has landed! in Google blog

Google mobile improved

Google announced an improvement of Google Mobile to make mobile's services easy to use:

"We've included video tutorials or emulators for every service or application, and we've designed the pages in such a way as to make it easy to learn more about the mobile offerings you're interested in."
in Official Googleblog

Google services for mobile devices:
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Edit labels in Beta Blogger

Blogger in Beta added a new feature: labels management that allow adding or removing labels to all posts even the old ones; Blogger users who had switched to the beta version can now organise their old posts into categories.
Labels Management for Blogger in Beta in Blogger Buzz

New Google Website Optimizer tool

Google announced the launch of a new tool in beta: Website Optimizer that is a free tool that helps AdWords advertisers test different landing pages and determine which one drives the most conversions.

For now, this tools is a Beta release and it will be limited to a small number of AdWords advertisers selected from all that apply.

Adsense integrated into Beta Blogger

AdSense ads is now integrated in the new Beta blogger template; Bloggers can now customize ads directly from "Add a Page Element" in new layouts-enabled template.

New Google Office online?

Google integarted Writely with Google Spreadsheets in a new google service: Google Docs & Spreadsheets; A spreadsheet and word processor program that offer Creating, storing and publishing documents and spreadsheets online.

There a also a new official googleblog for this service.

Better together: Docs & Spreadsheets in Official Googleblog

Post photos from Picasa to Blogger

A new feature for Beta Blogger: Posting photos directly from Google’s Picasa photo organizer to the new version of Blogger in Beta.
Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

Blogger bug: Google blog Hacked

"A bug in Blogger enabled an unauthorized user to make a fake post on the Google Blog last night, claiming that we've discontinued our AdWords click-to-call test. The bug was fixed quickly and the post removed. As for the click-to-call test, it is progressing on schedule, and we're pleased with the results thus far."
that's what google said in google blog to explain the hacking of their official blog last night; this is the copy of the fake post published on googleblog:

Google Click-to-Call project cancelled
By Maximal
After concientiously considering, Google has decided not to continue with Google Click-to-call project. The project has been in the media on last days because of the notice of Google agreement with e-Bay. We finally consider click-to-call agreement with e-Bay a monopolistic aproach that would damage small companies in the CRM area.
This message has been translated using Google language tools.