Google explain Google News case in Belgium

Google explain in official googleblog they did nothing wrong inof newspapers case in Belgium;
"Google News is no different than Google web search in this regard: We only ever show the headlines and a bit of text. If people want to read the entire story they have to click through to the newspaper’s website."
"And after all, it’s not just users that benefit from these links but publishers do too -- because we drive huge amounts of web traffic to their sites."
"if publishers don’t want their websites to appear in search results (most do) the robots.txt standard enables them to prevent automatically the indexing of their content"

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9:57 AM

It's frightening enough that a court could order a website what not to publish, considering that Google:

1.)Provides an opt-out option which should prevent valuable tax payers dollars from being spent in court in the first place (ie. the court should have thrown the case out for that alone)

2.) Only provides partial content

3.) Provides valuable backlinks to the source (very valuable, since its google)

It's way more frightening that the court is now telling a website what they HAVE TO poston their site, and on their front page no less. IS there a precident for courts telling newspapers that they have to publish the results of court cases against them on thoer front page. I'm really asking; I don't know, but it would seem odd to mee under most circumstances.


10:03 AM

Its frightening that a court would bother to see and rulle on this case, considering:

1.) Google provides the publisher the ability to remove the content themselves
2.) Google only publishes partial content
3.) Google provides valuable backlinks (Very valuable, since its google)

It's even more frightening that the court would tell anyone what they HAVE TO publish on their site, and on the gfront page no less. Is there any known precident for that with say, newspapers being made to publish court rulings against them on their own front page?